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Alfredo Seafood is a 100% Romanian brand

The main ingredient and, at the same time, the “secret” to Alfredo Seafood’s success, says entrepreneur Mihai Cristian Dărmănescu, is the passion for fish. To this is added, of course, perseverance and experience accumulated over the years, because importing fish and seafood is the kind of business that requires attention to detail, quick reaction time, investment, and innovation.

The speed of reaction, optimal coordination with multiple suppliers, internal management and control systems for the operational flows specific to this activity all contribute to maintaining the profitability of a business where logistics costs are high. The Alfredo Seafood brand represents the culmination of 19 years of experience in importing fish and seafood from the most diverse areas: from the waters of Europe (Greece, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Ireland, France, Portugal), to the North Atlantic waters, the coasts of Canada and the United States from the North Pacific, to Alaska, the South Atlantic, the Mediterranean, China, India, Vietnam, or the Falkland Islands.


    Whole Cleaned Baby Squid 6/10 – 1000G

    59,50 lei
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    Squid Baby 20/40 Whole Cleaned 1kg

    44,50 lei
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    Baby octopus 1000g

    64,50 lei
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    Black Tiger Shrimps RPDTO 1000G

    108,00 lei
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    Vannamei Shrimp RPDTO 1000g

    83,00 lei
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    Vannamei Shrimps RPD 1000g

    87,00 lei
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    Octopus tentacles COOKED 200g

    63,00 lei
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    Pasteurized mussels 1000g

    28,00 lei
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    CARABINEROS Wild Prawns 1000g

    990,00 lei
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    FreshWater Shrimps U5 Easy Peel 1000g

    155,00 lei
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