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Alfredo Seafood Quality

Alfredo Seafood is a 100% Romanian brand, the story of which started in 2001, along with the first truck of mackerel brought to the country. The main and, at the same time, “secret” ingredient of Alfredo Seafood’s success is passion for fish. This adds, naturally, to the perseverance and experience gathered over the years


BistroMar is a passion project based on a 15-year experience of the founder of BistroMar and Alfredo Seafood brands, in selecting and processing the best types of fish and seafood coming from all over the world.

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Let’s enter the kitchen of Jamila Cuisine with the Alfredo Seafood products and we enjoy healthy and tasty recipes prepared with passion by the best known culinary blogger. Jamila Cuisine prepared for you recipes with fish and seafood which may be cooked quickly and easily at home with Alfredo Seafood products. Each member of the family will enjoy a delicious meal and will surely find a favorite product.

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Traceability and sustainability

The Company uses a mix of transport solutions, from sea transport, for far away destinations, when the fish is frozen, to aerial transport, for exotic products, or road transport, for fish coming from Europe. Fresh products reach the shelves between 24 and 70 hours from being fished. Also, to be able to bring and distribute high quality products in Romania, an internal and external purchase and transport system, on ground and aerial routes, was designed and implemented.


“Product quality represents the foundation of Alfredo Seafood brand and, since the initiation of our partnership with BistroMar, we are pleased to see directly the satisfaction which this continuous preoccupation brings to consumers.”

Mihai Cristian Dărmănescu, founder Alfredo Seafood

During the last five years, we focused on innovation. The latest innovative accomplishment refers to the products in the SKIN range, which includes seafood specialties which, due to the vacuum-packing technique, preserves the freshness, texture and flavor of the meat from harvesting, and processing and packing are made free of nitrites, polyphosphates and ice glaze. Thus, the consumer only pays the product, not the water in the packaging

Alfredo Seafood believes in stability, in long-term relations between partners, in professionalism, being able to meet the customers’ requirements in any season with best quality products delivered on time. Alfredo Seafood believes in the care given to healthy food from manufacturers to the consumer’s table.

”To ensure the shortest time from delivery which, for fresh seafood specialties reaches even 10 hours,we use a fleet of trucks equipped with the latest freezing technology

Mihai Cristian Dărmănescu, founder of Alfredo Seafood



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