Alfredo Seafood is a 100% Romanian brand, with a story that began in 2001 with a first truckload of mackerel brought into the country.

That same year, the company established its first warehouse in Galati, followed by the inauguration of the factory in Constanta in 2006, and the opening of the processing and distribution platform in Bucharest six years later. In 2017, the company ended the year with a turnover of 20 million euros, a 10% increase compared to 2016.

Alfredo Seafood believes in stability, long-term relationships with partners, and professionalism, consistently meeting customer demands in any season with the best quality products delivered on time. The company also values the careful handling of healthy food, from producers to consumers’ tables.

“To ensure the shortest delivery times, which can be as little as 10 hours for fresh marine specialties, Alfredo Seafood employs a fleet of trucks equipped with the latest refrigeration technology.”

Passion for fish.

The main ingredient and, at the same time, the “secret” to Alfredo Seafood’s success, says entrepreneur Mihai Cristian Dărmănescu, is the passion for fish. To this is added, of course, perseverance and experience accumulated over the years, because importing fish and seafood is the kind of business that requires attention to detail, quick reaction time, investment, and innovation.

The speed of reaction, optimal coordination with multiple suppliers, internal management and control systems for the operational flows specific to this activity all contribute to maintaining the profitability of a business where logistics costs are high. The Alfredo Seafood brand represents the culmination of 19 years of experience in importing fish and seafood from the most diverse areas: from the waters of Europe (Greece, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Ireland, France, Portugal), to the North Atlantic waters, the coasts of Canada and the United States from the North Pacific, to Alaska, the South Atlantic, the Mediterranean, China, India, Vietnam, or the Falkland Islands.

The quality of the products is the cornerstone of our brand

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